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Hare Rama- Raga Bhairavi
Om Namah Shivaya
Om Namo Bhagavate Muktanandaya, Jivanpuri Raga
Smile Smile Smile (CD1)
Smile Smile Smile (CD2)
Sounds Of The Heart
Sounds Of The Heart CD2
 Hare Rama- Raga Bhairavi 1990 
Instrumental with Cello and Synthesizer 41:39
Hare Rama Hare Krishna Chant 27:20
 Om Namah Shivaya 1990 
Raga Bhupali 48:20
 Om Namo Bhagavate Muktanandaya, Jivanpuri Raga 1997 
Om Namo Bhagavate Muktanandaya 55:49
 Beloved 1999 
Invocation  3:39
The Palace Of My Heart  6:20
I Offer Myself At My Master's Feet  9:32
O My Mind, Have Firm Faith In The Name  4:42
O My Beloved Krishna  7:01
I Am Blessed With The Company Of The Lovers Of God  5:20
I Have Discovered Inner Treasure  6:38
O Mother Devotion  5:12
 Smile Smile Smile (CD1) 2000 
The Dwelling of the Radiant Being  3:07
When I Become Aware of Time  3:58
Whatever You Invest in Time  2:53
God's Power  2:36
A Person Whose Mind Is Steadfast  3:31
The Zenith of Your Aspirations  2:08
Setting a New Direction  2:41
Inner Strength Is a Gift From the Lord  3:29
With Each New Beginning  2:00
10 Secret Wish  8:11
11 To Make a Resolution  1:23
12 The Setting Sun Rejoices  1:45
13 The Light of Your Awareness  7:45
14 When Light Penetrates Darkness  3:56
15 The Fruit of Refreshing Your Resolution  2:11
16 A Heart Resolved  2:58
17 In the Presence of Grace  1:50
 Smile Smile Smile (CD2) 2000 
Through the Eye of the Heart  4:33
Truly, Nature Abounds with Miracles  3:21
A Genuine Smile Makes This World a Better Paradise  2:09
When God Smiles  1:56
The Nature of the Goddess Surpasses the Mind  3:41
Wonderstruck As I Watch  2:26
Lost in Supreme Bliss  2:24
Destiny, the Mystery of Mysteries  6:14
When There Is True Love  2:45
10 Your Sweet Smile  4:20
11 With a Fresh Young Spirit  1:29
12 Great Blessings Always Come  2:28
13 Show Me the Way  8:25
14 With Songs and Laughter  3:12
 Sounds Of The Heart 2000 
Avahan  2:00
Raghuvar Tumako Meri Laj  7:44
Ram Ram Ram  6:23
Mazha Dev Vitthal 10:00
Ghughat Ka Pat Khol Re 10:49
Ab To Prakat Bhai 15:35
 Sounds Of The Heart CD2 2000 
Je Je Ghadel Te Te Ghado  8:31
Ramakrishn Hari  9:46
Shyam Piya 11:12
Agar Hai Shauk Milane Ka 18:35

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