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Albums, bootlegs from Guns n' roses

Liva at Rock In Rio 3 CD2
!993 The Final Attack Disc 2
"Silver Bullet" Live N' Demo CD2
"Silver Bullet" Live N' Demo Disc 2
"The Spaghetti Incident?"
(Live in) Paris CD1
(Live In) Paris Disc 2
(Unlicensed) Guns N' Roses Live (Vol. 1(
.44 Caliber Horticulture
01-01-01 CD1
44 Caliber Horticulture (Bootleg)
44 Caliber Horticulture 2 (Bootleg)
Acoustic Jam
Acustic Jam
Ain't It Fun
Apetite for destruction
Appetite FoGuns N' Roses
Appetite For Destruction
Appetite For Lies and Illusions
Appetite of destruction
As 20 mais
As 20 mais de Guns N' Roses
Back Track
Bad Obsession - Disc 2
Ballad Album
Banzai (Disc 2)
Banzai (Live In Tokyo 22.02.1992) CD2
Banzai - CD I
Banzai - Live '92 [CD 1]
Banzai - Live '92 [CD 2]
Banzai - live in japan
Banzai - Tokyo, Feb. 22nd, 1992 - Disc 1
Banzai - Tokyo, Feb. 22nd, 1992 - Disc 2
Best Ballads
Best Of 2002
Best of best
Best of Guns n' Roses
Best Rock Songs
Civil War
Cover of Love
Covering them
Covering `em
Dead roses
December Bullets
Delusions & Illusions (disk 1)
Delusions & Illusions (disk 2)
Don't Cry
Don't Cry (CDS)
Double Talkin' Jive (Disc 1)
Double Talkin' Jive (Disc 2)
Dramas & Traumas CD1
Dramas & Traumas CD2
Dreams and illusions Live 1991 Disk 1
Dreams and illusions Live 1991 Disk 2
Evolution - disc 1
F*ckin' Hartford
G N' R Lies
G N' R Rock Wembley - Disc 1
G N' R Rock Wembley - Disc 2
Gathering on Stage CD1
Gathering on Stage CD2
Get In The Ring (Disc 2
Get in the Ring CD1
Give Noize A Chance
GN'R Lies
GN'R World Tour '92 [cd 1]
GN'R World Tour '92 [cd 2]
Goodfellows (Disc 1)
Goodfellows (Disc 2)
Greatest group on earth
Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits - Geffen
Greatest Hits Live
GUNS N" ROSES - Use Your Illusion II
Guns N' Roses
Guns N' Roses "ESTRANGED"
Guns n' roses - Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Guns N' Roses - Live And Let Die (CD Single)
Guns n' roses - Practice for destruction
Guns N' Roses 3rd Gig (Disc 2)
Guns N' Roses Live USA
Halloween On The Horizon
Heavens Door
Hi-Fi Stereo From Oklahoma (Disk 1 of 2)
Hi-Fi Stereo From Oklahoma (Disk 2 of 2)
Hifi Stereo From Oklahoma CD2
Historia Musical
Hit Collection 2000
Illusion 1993 (Disc 1)
Illusion 1993 (Disc 2)
Jack Daniel's Tour 1988
Kill Your Idols
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Single)
La vie en rose
Le Beau Geste CD-1
Le Beau Geste CD-2
Live @ Rock in Rio - CD 2
Live @ Rock In Rio CD 1
Live At Msg New York 12/05/02 (Disc 1)
Live At Rock In Rio 3 CD1
Live Disc 2
Live Era '87 - '93 Disc 1
Live era '87 - '93, vol. 2 sur 2
Live Era '87-'93
Live Era '87-'93 (Disc 1)
Live Era '87-'93 (Disc 2)
Live Era '87-'93 (Disc 1)
Live Era '87-'93 (DISC 2)
Live Era '87-'93 (disk 2)
Live Era '87-'93 - Disc 1
Live Era '87-'93 - Disc 2
Live Era '87-'93 Disc 1
Live Era '87-'93 Disc 2
Live era '87-'93, vol. 1 sur 2
Live Era 87-93
Live Era 87-93 Disc 1
Live From The Jungle (Japanese Import)
Live in Argentina (1 of 2)
Live in Argentina (2 of 2)
Live in Concert
Live In Concert (CD1)
Live In Concert (CD2)
Live In Concert: "Rose"
Live In Japan
Live In Japan (Disc 1)
Live In Japan (Disc 2)
Live In Japan CD2
Live in New York
Live in New York 29.7.92
Live in Rock in Rio 3
Live In Tokio (disco 1)
Live in Tokio (disco 2)
Live in Tokio (Disco 3)
Live in USA Vol. 2
Live Rock in Rio CD1
Live Rock in Rio CD2
Live USA
Live USA 87-91 (part 1)
Live USA 87-91 (part 2)
Live USA 87-91 (part 3)
Live USA CD 1/2
Live Vol1
London Motherfuckers 1987 - Disc1
London Motherfuckers 1987 - Disc2
Make My Day
MY Best Of
Myst-X Best of
New York 89
Nice Boys
Nightrain 3-Track 3 Inch Single
No Refrain
November Rain
November Rain (Single)
November Rain (vol. 4) [1993]
November Rain Live
Now And Always Rock
On Tour Now!
One In A Million
One In A Million CD 3
Osaka 1988
Outta the vaults
Paris cd 2
Patience (Live At The Ritz) (EP - Japanese)
Patience (Single)
Perfect Crime - Best Of (Disc 2)
Platinum hits special edition
Reflexion (Live at the Ritz N.Y.C. 1988)
Ride The Wild Horses - Live (CD1)
Ride The Wild Horses - Live (CD2)
Ride The Wild Horses - Live (CD3)
Riot Act In NHK Hall
Rock In Rio - Brazil, Feb 20, 1991 - Disc 1
Rock In Rio - Brazil, Feb 20, 1991 - Disc 2
Rock in Rio 2001 - CD1
Rock In Rio 3 (CD 1)
Rock in Rio III 2001 - Disc 2
Rocket Queen (Live In Los Angeles 1988)
Samuraï vol 3
Samurai Vol.2
Say Your Prayers CD1
Serpent Power CD 2
Sex, Guitars And Audiotapes [CD 2]
Silent Shots
Silver Bullet
Since I Don't Have You
Single Promo - Sweet Child O' Mine
Slash N' Burn - Live At The Ritz
Stockholm Illusion - Disc 1
Stockholm Illusion - Disc 2
Stoned Performance on Stage 91-92 (CD2-2)
Sympathy For The Devil
Sympathy For The Devil (CD Single)
Terminator 2: Judgement Day
The best of
The Best Of Guns N' Roses
The Civil War EP
The Greatest Hits by Guns N' Roses
The Last American Hero (Disc 1 - Axl Side)
The Last American Hero (Disc 2 - Slash Side)
The Last American Hero (Disc 3 - Izzy Side)
The Perfect Crime- Best Of (Disc 1)
The Spaghetti Incident
The Spaghetti Incident?
The Very Best
The Very Best Of
Tokyo 92 Cd 2 (ver. Complet)
Truth or Lies
Turned On You
Ultra Rare Tracks VI
Ultra Rare Tracks vol. 1
Ultra Rare Tracks vol. 2
Ultra Rare Tracks vol. 3
Ultra Rare Tracks vol. 4
Ultra Rare Tracks vol. 6
Ultra Rare Trax
Unplugged 1993
Unwanted Illusions
USA 1991 (Disc 2)
Use Your Illusion
Use Your Illusion 1
Use Your Illusion 2
Use your illusion Bonus CD
Use Your Illusion I
Use Your Illusion I MFSL Gold Disc
Use Your Illusion II
Use Your Illusion Outtakes disc1
Use Your Illusion Outtakes disc2
Use Your Illusion Vol. 1
Use Your Ilusion I
Use Your Ilusion II
Vol.1/Dynamic Live
Wake up ... Time to die
Welcome To The Jungle
Welcome to the Rumour Jungle - Disc 1
Welcome to the Rumour Jungle - Disc 2
World Tour - 1992 In Tokyo - I
World Tour - 1992 In Tokyo - II
World Tour - 1992 In Tokyo - III
World Tour 1992
World Tour 1992 CD1
World Tour 1992 CD2
World tour live (dicsc one)
WorlD Tour' 92, Extra Disc
You Could Be Mine
You Could Be Mine (vol. 1)

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