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Albums, bootlegs from D-shake

My Heart The Beat
My Heart, The Beat
Tune In!
 Tune In! 1989 
Tune In! (Shaky Club Remix)  6:13
Tune In! (Radio Edit)  3:36
Tune In! (Dirty Didge Mix)  5:54
 My Heart, The Beat 1990 
My Heart, The Beat  3:41
My Heart, The Beat (Extended Northside Mix  7:09
Dance The Night Away  6:11
 Yaaah 1990 
Yaaah  3:59
Techno Trance (Paradise Is Now)  6:54
Techno Trance (Revisited)  6:09
 Yaah 1990 
Yaah - freestyle clubmix  7:08
Techno Trance - paradise is now  6:53
Techo Trance - revisited  6:46
 My Heart The Beat 1991 
My Heart The Beat  7:31
Dance The Night Away  6:09
Funny Moves  5:26
 Yaaaah 2000 
Yaaaah (Mark Spoon´s Cut)  4:23
Yaaaah (Freestyle Club Mix)  6:01
Techno Trance (The Next Generation)  6:59
Techno Trance (Feel The Space)  4:33

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